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Don't Fear the Bloody Butcher

Heirloom vegetables are old-time varieties, those made from seeds so good they're worthy of being passed down through the generations.
At some point, the world decided to start growing vegetables based on yield or other cost-saving factors, devaluing flavor in the process. Some, however, resisted by holding onto their seeds and keeping them going year after year. We're thankful for those who've taken the time to preserve these flavorful ingredients, and Chef Martin uses heirlooms throughout his menu.
For example, we source our grains from Castle Valley Mill in nearby Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and Castle Valley works with farms that grow a specific heirloom variety of corn known as Bloody Butcher, so named for the bright red exterior of its kernel. 

Chef Martin and team mill the flavorful Bloody Butcher in-house to be used as a corn cake. It's then served as a dessert with fresh strawberries, house-made strawberry sorbet, a strawberry jam flavored with smoked paprika and a touch of crème fraîche. 

Try the Bloody Butcher dessert this spring, perhaps complemented by one of our several rosés. They're a perfect way to cap off a flavor-filled meal.