Head Bartender Robert Frascella II



Bobby Frascella, a two-decade hospitality industry veteran, heads the 16-seat Summit House bar, crafting unique cocktails to fit the season, Executive Chef Martin Kester's exciting menu and his own sense of culinary adventure. 

Born and raised in neighboring Chatham, New Jersey, Bobby joined Summit House prior to its April 2017 debut and helped shape the restaurant's opening cocktail menu. As the seasons change so does that menu, as Bobby and his team infuse fresh, locally procured ingredients with the world's top spirits to create delicious, memorable drinks.

"I've been lucky to work with some great individuals both behind the bar and within the industry," Bobby says. "My mentors and, most recently, my coworkers have instilled a desire in me to keep learning not just about cocktails, but also how to improve my hospitality skills. The customer experience is absolutely everything in this industry, and we keep that top of mind with every customer we greet." 

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The Summit House cocktail and spirit menu has been crafted with the same care and seasonal approach as that of our food. The bar will be approachable in style and feel, offering classic martini and manhattan service that is simple, yet detail-oriented. Other cocktails will be distinct through their use of creative ingredients that replicate time-honored flavor profiles.

Summit House Wine Cellar

The wonder of wine is that it entices both aficionados who’ve studied it for a lifetime and those who simply want a delicious drink. Our goal: to please both.  

Specializing in distinctive terroir-driven wines from around the world, the extensive Summit House wine list will rotate seasonally though remain dedicated to a philosophy that highlights organic and biodynamic growing methods. These wines are crafted with the greatest care and developed using vineyard practices that eschew chemical fertilizers and pesticides. 

Our ever-evolving wine list, including a broad selection of by-the-glass offerings, will reflect Chef Martin's innovative seasonal menu.